about Steve Harmon - Internet entrepreneur

Snapshot --

CEO/President/Founder/VP of several successful Internet and mobile companies
Venture Capital fund creator and Managing Partner (invested in startup acquired by Google, which generates $10+ billion in annual revenue today for Google)
Leadership/Senior Corporate Executive at public and private companies (from founding with 3 employees to 1000+ employees)
Business Development (responsible for growth, hired and managed teams, structured joint ventures, partnerships, deals, investments)
Marketing, Branding and PR (hired and managed teams)
Product Management (from concept to commercial launch)
Author of bestselling book on building startups 
UI/UX Design (built many successful apps and web services)
TV and media appearances as expert on Internet/mobile business
Speaker at global technology events and conferences, from Stanford to Shanghai. Invited to present at DEMO and debut innovative new Internet technology co-created
Advisor have consulted and advised dozens of companies and board of directors on business growth, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, funding goals, strategy and more. Many of them have been acquired by Google, eBay, gone public on Wall Street and more.

Steve's book on building digital ventures, Zero Gravity 2.0, was a bestseller for Bloomberg Press in 8 languages and 2 editions. World-renowned venture capitalist who invested in Amazon, Google and others, John Doerr, wrote the foreword. 

What industry leaders say about the book:

Ann Winblad "Steve explains better than anyone the new metrics for success in the high velocity Internet Economy."

Marc Andreessen (founder of Netscape and leading venture investor, Facebook board member): "I wish this book had been around when I co-founded Netscape....A must-read for any entrepreneur looking at the Internet opportunity."

Guy Kawasaki (early Apple evangelist for Steve Jobs): "Passionate and innovative companies can defy gravity with Steve's book."


Steve graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where a scholarship in his name helps new students achieve their educational goals

A little history: In 1994 when few people had even heard of a new thing called the "Internet" I recognized the potential and believed a new commercial medium was being born that would forever change our world.  As a teen I sold the first Macs and PCs so had first-hand experience with the changes in information flow. And as a journalist I was well aware of how mainframe computers (clunky as they were) managed publishing and the constant flow of non-stop information.

I met with several Silicon Valley leaders and few shared this belief of this new-fangled thing called Internet (many were betting on interactive TV). The tech magazine Wired even touted cable-based interactive TV as the future. Ignoring the popular belief (and apathy) I met with Wall Street and many of them believed the Internet would be a "fad."  

Discounting the naysayers in those days, I instead reached out to the fellow pioneers in the industry and created a virtual think tank of about 50 people who, like me, believed something magical was underway -- at least new and potentially Earth changing. People such as Vint Cerf (who created the initial tech for the Internet in 1969; Marc Andreessen, who invented the web browser; John Doerr, who invested in Amazon; Nicholas Negroponte, who wrote a milestone book on the transition from analog to digital worlds; scientists and professors at top institutions and others).

A few years later, as an investor and advisor I helped build many companies from Ad Sense (sold to Google) to Songza (sold to Google) to TextDigger (sold), to many others. I still do.

My stock picks in the early days of the Internet called it right on Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Broadcom, and others. Some I called wrong, that's the nature of the stock market roller coaster. But just as an FYI, a $1,000 investment in Amazon stock at IPO would be worth more than $500,000 today. Its founder, Jeff, was a speaker at an event I created back when Amazon first started and I shared with him my belief that Amazon would be the 'Wal Mart of the Web'... and so it is today. At one conference I hosted we had basically the entire Internet at the table...founders of the companies that today are household brands in the connected era.

The table is bigger today and the opportunities expanding. What will you do with a global medium?

To dreamers everywhere...make it happen. You can.

Steve Harmon
2017 email me at steve at steveharmon.com